Daytrip Racer Back Bralette

Stay on trend and get summer must-haves at Buckle.



Flaunt your body, go for a sexy summer lookand opt for Daytrip Racer Back Bralette from Buckle. Very flattering  racer back guaranteed to get youattention anywhere you go. Plus, you’ll love how soft the lace feels on your skin.


Cold Shoulder top

Feel the flowers blooming, go for a cold shoulder shirt in a floral print and opt for Daytrip Cold Shoulder Top from Buckle. In a relaxing fit to  wear tucked or untuckedand feel comfortable. Goes great paired with shorts and sandals.



Bikini top

Go for floral print and off the shoulder bikini top and get a Bikini Lab Bouquet To You Swimwear Top from Buckle. Feel more comfortable, go for a sexier lookand remove pads and straps. Match your top and get the matching Bouquet To You Swimwear Bottom.


Maxi Skirt

Be ready for many compliments when you wear Gimmicks Pieced Maxi Skirt from Buckle. This skirt is full of details:  printed crinkle, lace and raw  edges. Best, it has a elastic band for a more comfortable fit. This  long skirt looks beautiful paired with sleeveless blouse and sandals.


Bliss dress

Go for a off the shoulder dress in a relaxed fit and opt for Amuse Society Sheer Bliss Dress from Buckle. Made from lightweight materials to wear in warm days at the beach. Goesgreat paired with cut out sides shoes.


Skinny jeans

Go for cool skinnys and opt for Rock Revival Dalia Skinny Jean from Buckle. Medium wash jeans with patch details in front and embroidered back pockets. Very stretchy skinny jeans  to move and feel comfortable.


High rise skinny jeans

Go for high rise skinny jeans and opt for Kancan High Skinny Stretch Jean from Buckle. Comfortable jeans, with dremmelingdetails  and in a great fit.Look great paired with tank top and ankle boots.



Feel the summer air, and opt for light wash Gilded Intent Mid-Rise Short from Buckle. Feel comfortable, these shorts stay in place and  provide great coverage. Great detailed shorts pair well with a shirt and open toe booties.



For those cool summer days get a Billabong Shake Down Cardigan Sweater from Buckle.Soft and breathable fabric for ultra comfort. Looks great paired with ripped jeans and sandals.




Take care of your face and eyes and go for extra protection with an Olive & Pique Panama Hat from Buckle. Looks great withdresses, shorts and jeans.



Go for ultra glam looking bracelets with rhinestones and stones and opt for BKE Bracelet Set from Buckle. Includes a bracelet slider bracelet and bearded bracelet.



Look fashionable, be ready  for sunny daysand opt for BKE Miami Round Sunglasses from Buckle. These sunglasses offer great sun protection.


Flip Flops

It’s not summer if you don’t wear standard braided Cobain Bounce Flip from Buckle. Comfortable flip flops look great with skirts, shorts and jeans.


Keep your style  trendy and get the latest summer’s essentials from Buckle.

How to Find Discount Women’s Clothes

Finding discount women’s clothes is not at all a difficult task. You can find discount stores just about everywhere; all you have to do is look in the right places. You can find cheap clothes for women in just about every shape and size no matter whether you are large or petite and a lot of stores provide the buyer with amazingly great discounts.

Some people look through the yellow pages to look for stores in their local neighborhood. And some of them even have secondhand stores where you can buy discount women’s clothes for a fraction of the cost of the original label and most of them are hardly used if at all. So for those who don’t mind wearing secondhand clothes this is a great way to save money.

You can also visit flea markets. Some of them have great discount women’s clothes at equally great prices. Go with an open mind and you just might be surprised at the great bargains that you might come across. E-bay is another place where you can get good bargains and where you are protected as a buyer. A lot of people have been quite happy with their purchases there and continue shopping for discount women’s clothes.

The next option is to search online. In today’s world of Internet, there are plenty of stores online that let you shop for various kinds of discount women’s clothes in various colors, sizes and patterns. Check that you will not be paying more than what you are paying in your local neighborhood store.

More often than not they will provide you free shipping and huge discounts as their overheads are less since they do not require any showroom space or sales personnel to attend to you. You can also visit the websites or department stores of the big names and find that you can buy all kinds of discount women’s clothes whether it is lingerie, formal evening wear, office wear or casual wear, shoes, bags and accessories. And all this at nearly half the price you would normally pay.

Buying discount women’s clothes online is a superb way to shop because then you not only save time and energy but some fuel as well since you no longer have to drive down to town. And with the kind of busy lives that we lead nowadays it will leave you some more time to spend with your family or getting the never-ending work round the house done.

Another good thing about online shopping is that you don’t have to stand in queues at the check out or lug your purchases all over the place or worry about leaving them in your car as you shop some more. No need to worry about finding a parking place or going through heavy traffic.

So the next time you want to buy some casual wear or a party dress, check out the stores on the Net; you have a wide variety of discount women’s clothes to choose from whether it is style, pattern, size, color or print.

Shopping For Plus Size Women’s Clothing Online

Are you a woman who is plus size? I am sure you are in need of plus size clothing but where do you buy it? Most major department stores do not sell plus size women’s clothing in their stores so what are you to do?

Buying plus size clothing online is the best option for you. Many department stores are still not putting clothing for the plus size into their stores for women and if they do have a plus size women clothing section it is usually in the back corner of the store. Also, the dressing rooms are usually small so you are probably not going to feel comfortable changing in it. The most appealing option for you is to go to the Internet.

The only problem with going to the Internet to buy plus size women’s clothing is the fact that there are so many nice items that you will not know where to start! So here are some pointers to help you when shopping online for plus size women’s clothing.

When shopping online you should first decide what you are going to buy. Many online retailers sell a full range of items from casual wear to swim wear to formal wear. When you decide what you are going to buy you can begin to either go to that section of a website or look for specialty websites.

Act as if you are shopping in a store when you are shopping online. Do not just buy the first thing that catches your eye, instead browse a little bit. If you search through the entire website and you do not find anything better than the items on the first page at least you looked. You would not want to buy an item and the next day find an item that is better.

The one problem with buying clothing for the plus size online is that you are unable to try the clothing items on. Most websites have a refund and exchange period of about 30 days. So do not worry, if the clothes do not fit you can send them back and get the right size.

If you go to a department store you may notice that the plus size clothing items are so expensive. The great thing about ordering online is you will save so much money! Even with shipping you are still saving money compared to the expensive department stores.

Buying plus size women’s clothing is hard to do in department stores and is expensive. I hope after reading this article you understand the major advantages for you to shop online for all your plus size clothing needs.